Smart Contracts

This page provides links for BridgeSwap's smart contracts.


Staking Contract;

MasterChef : 0x0fb702557F4c0AB1cE0D9a1C37296409C5F57D06 The MasterChef contract represents the main yield farm contract which is in charge of distributing BRIS to yield farmers staking on the BridgeSwap protocol.

Vault contract;

BRIS Vault : 0x44229450a406b5d478f50344157B98f7b21EB9c4 The BRIS Vault contract represents the main vault contract, which is in charge of managing all the vaulting strategies utilized on BridgeSwap's BNB Chain vaults.

Token Contract;

BRIS Token : 0x79De52900178bD90c98E278cC30A635E65B18B1A BRIS Token represents the native token of the BridgeSwap protocol. This token is distributed to yield farmers who stake tokens which are recognized by BridgeSwap's yield farm.

DEX Contracts;

BridgeSwap Factory: 0x6d32088ae9283487A1eC84C02d02466DcB684D04 The BridgeSwap Factory is the primary DEX contract which is used to create and track all pairs created on the BridgeSwap protocol. When a new pair needs to be created, this contract deploys a completely new pair contract specifically for these tokens and notes the address for future lookup.
BridgeSwap Router: 0xAa3E03B59a2780727dB6A5c6f43bF1eaFB03618f The BridgeSwapRouter is an external, non-value holding, contract which manages different sets of interactions with the BridgeSwapFactory related to adding/removing liquidity and swapping tokens. Because this contract holds no value it can be upgraded without needing to redeploy the BridgeSwapFactory.